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Krav Maga is not a martial art

In Krav Maga there are no competitions, no referees or rules. Krav Maga is self-defense. There are no special physical requirements for the training necessary. Almost every person can learn to defend themselves. Physical fitness, strength and mental strength help in a violent conflict. That is why these components are taken into account during training. Regular participation in Krav Maga training sessions increases the performance of the body and the resilience of the psyche. Dealing with stress and leaving the comfort zone are important experiences for the students. Of particular importance is the topic of “aggressiveness” in this context. In the Krav Maga training, the participants learn to build aggression in a controlled manner and use it in a targeted manner. This is a valuable experience especially for children and adolescents and helps develop self-control and self-confidence. Krav Maga can help to channel uncontrolled aggression and prevent outbursts of anger.

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