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IKMF Krav Maga is more than a collection of techniques. It is a system of principles that provide the techniques and solutions to physical conflict.

IKMF beginners learn techniques that have been developed for specific problem situations. The more advanced the training, the more important the understanding of applied principles and concepts becomes. The training can then be more intuitive and fluid. Complex stress situations with dynamic problems can be trained and solved.

The teaching content for professional users and for private individuals sometimes differ considerably. Although there are similarities, the objectives and designs of the techniques are subject to different demands. So, a private person does not have to arrest aggressors and a police unit cannot just run away to avoid a dangerous situation. At the IKMF, there are therefore target-group-oriented curricula and the requirement to teach “professionals for professionals”. The practical experience and the daily assignments form the basis for the further development and optimization of the techniques in the IKMF Krav Maga.

Prejudices against Krav Maga

“Krav Maga is used by the Mossad and the US Army and has the goal of immediately rendering the attacker harmless”. “Krav Maga is highly effective and brutal.” Such or similar statements are regularly heard by instructors in conversations with people WITHOUT experience in Krav Maga. After a trial class, this picture changes very fast. Numerous police or special military units train their employees in Krav Maga worldwide, as the system has proven itself in professional use. In the civil sector, however, other objectives are in focus. Students usually have three main motives for attending private training. Need for self-defense, increased physical fitness and fun in group activity.

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