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Why you should offer Krav Maga seminars for your employees

Self-defense seminars and de-escalation training, like any other training or education, are an investment in your company’s human capital. An investment in your staff that pays for itself quickly even without violent incidents. Regular Krav Maga Training makes your workforce strong! Physically and emotionally. This has several advantages for companies. Mentally strong employees fall out less often and support your fellow human beings and colleagues. Any bullying in the company is reduced. Clear communication between your employees is encouraged. Employee loyalty increases.

In a physical conflict with e.g. Patients (emergency services) or clients (county councils, communities, social workers) may participate in regular Krav Maga seminars to de-escalate the situation and avert harm to employees and businesses. The prevention of physical violence is paramount. In a self-defense situation, there are usually several stages (“spiral of violence”). The better an employee is trained, the more options are possible. Violence is often avoidable.



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