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In all relevant studies, it is found that the subjective sense of security of the employees does not necessarily correspond to the objective threat situation. The media presence after spectacular individual data and corresponding press releases increase employees’ sense of insecurity and the fear of being the victim of a violent act in the workplace.

Participation in our seminars not only increases the self-confidence of your employees, but also shows solutions for seemingly unsolvable problem situations. We prepare your teams for situations in which they never want to be. Here is: “Better to know the solution and not need it, than to need it and not know it!”

Objective threat situation

An objective threat situation is difficult to determine for many situations and is often subject to case-by-case assessment. For the individual employee, it is usually not relevant. Decisive for the subjective evaluation of a situation by the employee are personal experiences, prejudices and the inner attitude.

A regular Krav Maga training helps your employees to remain calm in extreme situations and provides opportunities for action. Solutions and de-escalations despite a high level of stress become possible. Through a corresponding appearance and adequate communication, a trained employee can often prevent the escalation of a critical situation and avert further damage.

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