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We teach the structure and methodology of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) and adhere to the high-quality standards of this global organization from Israel.

For over 20 years, the IKMF has been leading the dissemination of Krav Maga on a global scale.

IKMF Krav Maga is taught as self-defense in more than 80 countries by IKMF qualified instructors.

Many governments and organizations around the world work closely with the IKMF to increase the safety of their employees and to ensure the quality of self-defense training.

violence prevention

Solutions to physical conflicts in business and public service


Self-defense, self-assertion and personality development for private individuals


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Realistic self-defense

Realistic self-defense for corporate and government employees must be “easy to learn and hard to forget.” Self-defense courses should take place on a regular basis so that the lessons learned can be accessed by the employee in an extreme situation. Other training courses are often at the top of the list of those responsible for corporate personal.

High quality short basic courses offered by qualified Instructors, so the staff have a sustainable learning curve. Furthermore, individual technical instruction to suit the individual requirements of clients, to assess the current threat level and optimally prepares the employees for any physical conflicts.

About me

Krav Maga has changed my life. It has developed me physically and mentally and this change has had a positive effect on all areas of my life. I take the topic of self-defense very seriously and I am aware of the high responsibility towards my students and seminar participants.

Often, we come to the limits of the comfort zone. Not all training methods and techniques are fun. But they work and can save lives. That’s why I stand behind the IKMF and I’m proud to be an active part of this worldwide family.

Earned, not given!

Sebastian Tomiatti

  • IKMF Krav Maga expert
  • Lead Civilian Instructor
  • Instructor for StayAway! (Krav Maga for women)
  • Krav Maga KIDS instructor

Quality feature IKMF instructor

The training as IKMF instructor for civilian Krav Maga (Civilian Instructor Course) is possible for students of a defined level of experience and includes about 180 hours of training in theory and practice. The course is divided into 3 parts and has a total duration of at least 23 days. Between the 3 parts, the participant is expected to solidify the already learned.
At 360 Krav Maga, only instructors who have already been certified as experts take over the training. The 6-hour IKMF Expert Exam will take place in Israel through an Examination Board from the Global Instructor Team.

Only experienced instructors participating in regular IKMF updates and passing annual level tests will be admitted to the Expert Exam.

All trainers employed by 360 Krav Maga also have the status of “Lead Civilian Instructor” and are specialists in the areas of “self-defense for children” and “violence against women”.

In Germany, there are currently very few trainers at this high level.

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